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A2M Week: Just noticed the information under A2M week is wrong! A2M week will be taking place from November 1st – 7th. Sorry for the mistake. Should be up to date asap.

This was published just yesterday: Gilead Profit Triples, Hepatitis C Drug Revenue Reaches $2.3B Admiration to Henry Waxman (House of representatives) asking Gilead to explain the pricing of the drug!

Yesterday, April 10th, we had an inspiring and motivating call with Rachel Kiddell-Monroe. She has agreed to be our “Drug Bio Advisor”, saying she thinks the project is extremely important for UAEM’s advocacy work! She said that finding information for the drug bios is challenging and that a bit of detective work will be required […]

Have a good read HERE !  If one of those Hepatitis C vaccine/drug down the pipeline somehow is linked to public finance, we might have caught a HUUUGE FISH ! Lets make an end to these (most definitely) high prices and fight for access to medicines for all ! Join our call, Thursday 27/02/2014 at 19 […]

We have finally set the date for our first open call to get this project going! Be there next Thursday, February 27th at 7pm GMT to launch the amazing, evidence-generating drug bio project that will alter UAEM’s work forever! After weeks of preliminary work, developing a methodology and discussing potential drugs with MSF, we are now ready to […]

On February 7th, Rosa and Benjamin had a meeting with Judit Rius and Rohit Malpani from MSF Access to medicines campaign. Attending was also Rachel Kiddel-Monroe and Bryan Collinsworth. Drug bios was enthusiastically discussed and MSF gave us a list of potential drugs to look into. This list includes drugs for HIV, TB resistance, HPV […]

Last weekend, February 7th to 9th, we attended the UAEM Winter Leadership Meeting in New York City. We got great input and encouraging feedback  from fellow UAEMers from all over the world! We also managed to arrange a meeting with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). On Friday, 7th, we met with Judit Rius Sanjuan, US Manager of […]

After discussions with numerous interested UAEMers, Project-E has generated enough interest to get started in earnest. For the previous months, a dedicated group of international UAEMers has been discussing methodological issues, as well as searching for prior evidence. Our team includes four members from the UK, three from Imperial UAEM and one from UAEM Exeter, […]

ASTP-ProTon has confirmed that UAEM will have a place in their annual conference, in Oslo, May 14-16. Dizz Gotham  (UAEM) will share the stage with Jane Muir (ex-president of AUTM, Association of University Technology Managers in the US) for a plenary session on SRL implementation. It is also suggested that the licensing clause toolkit of […]

1) See how Michelle Childs (former head of policy and advocacy at MSF’s access campaign) explains delinkage: 2) See how Katy Athersuch (medical innovation & access policy adviser for the MSF access campaign) explains delinkage and the recent process at WHO to promote new innovative proposals for our current R&D framework. Disappointingly the much […]

Thanks to medical research many lifesaving medicines, useful therapies and devices have been developed over the last decades. However, our current research & development (R&D) framework has some major flaws and raises huge access and innovation problems, because its main incentive is based on legal marketing monopolies, enforced through patents (at least 20 years): –       […]

President of ASTP-ProTon, Sara Matt-Leubner, wrote us a reply on the 1st of December. Here’s a summary: Replied one month after contact SRL workshop at conference Program for annual ASTP-ProTon conference in May currently being developed, they are looking at how to include SRL They promise a proposal on this soon Licensing phrase toolkit Accept […]

Over August and September, we drafted a letter to ASTP-ProTon, which you can see here. We sent it to them in a physical and PDF form. Anders Haugland was crucially helpful in this project – he is the head of the TTO at University of Bergen, and the ex-president of ASTP. Bergen recently adopted an SRL […]