Monthly Archives: December 2013

Delinkage Paradigm

1) See how Michelle Childs (former head of policy and advocacy at MSF’s access campaign) explains delinkage: 2) See how Katy Athersuch (medical innovation & access policy adviser for the MSF access campaign) explains delinkage and the recent process at WHO to promote new innovative proposals for our current R&D framework. Disappointingly the much […]

Flaws of the current R&D system

Thanks to medical research many lifesaving medicines, useful therapies and devices have been developed over the last decades. However, our current research & development (R&D) framework has some major flaws and raises huge access and innovation problems, because its main incentive is based on legal marketing monopolies, enforced through patents (at least 20 years): –       […]

Reply from ASTP-ProTon!

President of ASTP-ProTon, Sara Matt-Leubner, wrote us a reply on the 1st of December. Here’s a summary: Replied one month after contact SRL workshop at conference Program for annual ASTP-ProTon conference in May currently being developed, they are looking at how to include SRL They promise a proposal on this soon Licensing phrase toolkit Accept […]

Letter to ASTP-Proton

Over August and September, we drafted a letter to ASTP-ProTon, which you can see here. We sent it to them in a physical and PDF form. Anders Haugland was crucially helpful in this project – he is the head of the TTO at University of Bergen, and the ex-president of ASTP. Bergen recently adopted an SRL […]