Great meeting with MSF in New York!

Last weekend, February 7th to 9th, we attended the UAEM Winter Leadership Meeting in New York City. We got great input and encouraging feedback  from fellow UAEMers from all over the world! We also managed to arrange a meeting with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). On Friday, 7th, we met with Judit Rius Sanjuan, US Manager of the Access Campaign and Rohit Malpani, Director of Policy and Analysis of the Access Campaign to discuss which drugs the drug bio project should look at. On their list were AIDS drugs, medicines against multi drug resistant TB – and  Hepatitis C drugs. They supported our view that Hepatitis C is a major health threat around the world but especially in developing countries and that the new HCV drugs will be too costly to be affordable for the world’s poor. They also agreed that this project can go a long way in improving access to these drugs as it generates the evidence we need for effective advocacy. It is great to know that they recognize the importance of the drug bio project and support our work!

And who knows, maybe the HCV drug bio project will culminate in a joint international campaign…? Let’s go!