Call with Drug Bio Advisor Rachel Kiddell-Monroe

Yesterday, April 10th, we had an inspiring and motivating call with Rachel Kiddell-Monroe. She has agreed to be our “Drug Bio Advisor”, saying she thinks the project is extremely important for UAEM’s advocacy work!

She said that finding information for the drug bios is challenging and that a bit of detective work will be required to find “innovative ways to access the information we need”. She also emphasized that the difficulty of finding information on drug development and licensing agreements is “a systemic problem”. The fact that “access to information and access to medicines are linked” has also been acknowledged by the UAEM five-year strategic plan – our project provides that link.

Let’s make our methodology bullet-proof – with interviews with researchers, searching databases, reports and university websites – to find all the information we can! Let’s find evidence for universities’ contribution to medical research and advocate for access to these drugs! Let’s also tell the story of how the information necessary for change is withheld, unpublished or not even collected in the first place and make sure that changes.