A2M Week

The European Coordinating Committee has something special planned for 2014 and we hope you will all be a part of it. It’s simple enough for everyone to get involved in but big enough to make some real waves. It will be fun, inspirational, empowering and educative. It will help new chapters get started and will help them find new members. For old chapters it will be an educative event and a chance to advocate for current issues.

Hope we’ve got you amped up (drumrole please). Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to the “Access To Medicine Week”, or as we like to call it “A2M-week”.

The idea is to have a week full of events across Europe to raise awareness on access to medicine and the lack thereof.

The week is set for Sunday November 1st to Friday November 7th 2014.

The rest is really up to you. You can choose one day of the week to do an event or you can organize several things throughout the week. You can coordinate and collaborate with other chapters or other projects working on similar issues.

You can organize anything you want. A movie night, a panel discussion, a rally, a presentation, a educational day, workshops, trainings, a cake stand, a concert, a flash mob, you can invite speakers, make a promotional video etc. etc. Really you can do anything as long as it has to do with access to medicine.

Here you can find Logos etc here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-6YX3Uxll1iMG0zYzloZzNldmM&usp=sharing

We’re working on a website and promotional video to cover all events going on all over Europe. We’ll help you with contacts and ideas if needed.

There is still some work to do and we need your help!

We need individuals ready to help out with the promotion of the event as well as avid writers to work on the website with us.

Also we want to have press releases ready to go for the week.

Any other inspirations? What about starting a petition? Or a Ralley? A European Flashmob. Get on board and let’s get going. Get in touch with us:

a.a.mauracher@gmail.com or aftabfriha@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook: A2M week and our mailinglist: a2m-uaem@googlegroups.com

Until further notice start dreaming big for your own A2M event!

Best wishes,
Andrea Mauracher (Euorpean Coordinator UAEM Switzerland) and Friha Aftab (European Coordinator UAEM Norway

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