Access & Innovation Breakfasts/Soirees


Our current biomedical research & development (R&D) system, based on legal marketing monopolies (enforced through patents), has some major flaws and it raises huge innovation and access to medicine problems. (-> see “blog” for more background knowledge).

We are witnessing the rise of a broad public movement to promote the new “delinkage paradigm” (see “blog”) and transformative models of innovation to establish a more equitable, affordable and needs-driven R&D system.

It will be UAEM’s task to leverage academia’s voice in favour of a more equitable and affordable R&D system. Every interested chapter will be provided with material/support/trainings to hold regular meetings (->breakfasts/soirees) with interested researchers at their Universities, to convince them to enter a broader Access&Innovation movement.

Let’s change our broken system!

Every chapter is welcome to enter the A&I movement – please contact us!

Avgi Loizidou (UK):
Alain Amstutz (CH):

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