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Current major international projects of UAEM Europe.


ASTP-ProTon:    Blog  //  Discussion
A2M Week:    Blog  //  Discussion
Project E:    Blog  //  Discussion
Drug Biographies:    Blog  //  Discussion
Access & Innovation Breakfasts/Soirees:    Blog  //  Discussion
Videos: UAEM Talks:    Blog  //  Discussion  //  How to make a video for UAEM Talks


Job vacancies:

We are looking for members/chapters, who’d like to help us fulfill the following specific tasks :

●      ASTP-ProTon:

○      We are compiling a Global Access Licensing clause toolkit, which will be hosted on the website of Europe’s largest technology-transfer organisation. Help us to create the toolkit! Contact Dizz Gotham (dzintarsgotham@gmail.com)

●      Access to Medicines Week:

○      From the 29th of September to the 5th of October we will be organizing a week of events on access to medicine spanning Europe. If you are creative we really need people to help us with promotion and ideas, if you like to write we need people to help us blog, if you’re an activist at heart, we need someone to help us get every European chapter out there on board. Contact Andrea Mauracher (a.a.mauracher@gmail.com) or Friha Aftab (aftabfriha@gmail.com)

●      Project E:

○      Interested in conducting research in the area of SRL impact on universities? – a variety of methods are being used, and it’s very exciting! Contact Chris Redd (reddchris40@gmail.com)

●      Drug Biographies:

○      We are looking for interested people, who would support us in developing a clear methodology of drug bio research. Contact Rosa Jahn (rosa.jahn@outlook.com) or Benjamin Ebeling (be@uaem.dk)

●      Access and Innovation Breakfasts/Soirees:

○      The pilot study of this project will be carried out in Bristol. The first breakfast meeting with academics in Bristol will present the different flaws of the current R&D system. Interested in developing a cool poster on one failed aspect of the current R&D system? Contact Avgi Loizidou (loizidou.avgi@gmail.com) or Alain Amstutz (alain.amstutz1@gmail.com)

●      Videos UAEM talks:

○      Interested in giving a small talk on an UAEM issue? Contact Stein Schalkwijk (steinschalkwijk@gmail.com) or Dizz Gotham (dzintarsgotham@gmail.com)


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