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Project-E kicks off!

After discussions with numerous interested UAEMers, Project-E has generated enough interest to get started in earnest. For the previous months, a dedicated group of international UAEMers has been discussing methodological issues, as well as searching for prior evidence. Our team includes four members from the UK, three from Imperial UAEM and one from UAEM Exeter, […]

UAEM at ASTP-ProTon annual conference

ASTP-ProTon has confirmed that UAEM will have a place in their annual conference, in Oslo, May 14-16. Dizz Gotham  (UAEM) will share the stage with Jane Muir (ex-president of AUTM, Association of University Technology Managers in the US) for a plenary session on SRL implementation. It is also suggested that the licensing clause toolkit of […]