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hepc[picture: MSF Access Campaign]

This project aims at generating evidence to support UAEM’s advocacy around university research being a major contributor to medical research and development.

We are looking into Hepatitis – C (HCV) drugs that are currently in the pipeline of pharmaceutical companies. Each year, around 350.000 people all over the world die HCV-related diseases and the infection disproportionately affects poor countries. Also, in an era of increasing antimicrobial resistance, new antiviral treatments are of particular global importance. The HCV drugs that will come to the market in the next years will be of extreme importance to the health of people around the world – and they have to be accessible to those who need them.

We are going to pick a few of those medicines and map out their biographies.  Where do they come from? Who invested human and financial resources to develop them?  Who holds the patents and how were they licenced?

We will use this new knowledge to strengthen our advocacy and increase credibility of our claims. It will help universities understand their global weight and responsibility for the health of all people.

If you have an idea or want to get involved – contact us!

Benjamin Ebeling  beeenji@gmail.com
Rosa Jahn                 rosa.jahn@outlook.com

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