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Advocating with UAEM for access to medicines is of great importance to the ones in need of health care in low- and middle income countries. It is also a lot of fun. Advocating would be even more fun and effective though if some information was more easily available, without having to read twenty-page long documents, twice, to understand what is being said. For this reason, we’ve launched an internal education project by which we aim to educate both unexperienced and experienced members of UAEM (globally) on relevant topics.

Every month about four experts (internal or external) will be invited to make short 10-15 minute youtube videos for internal educational purposes. A link to these movies will then be posted on this project platform.

You can use the blog to ask questions about the videos or make suggestions for the topics of new educational videos. Also, if you are interested in making an educational video on an UAEM-related topic yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us (below), or look at How to make a video for UAEM Talks. (No technical knowledge about editing is required.)

Here’s an example of what we envisage:

UAEM Talks aims to be an informal, but high-level educational platform: a series of YouTube videos aimed at educating UAEMers (and other global health activists) in a bit more detail on topics that we should know about.

The videos will also be embedded on a UAEM Talks WordPress, which will be linked to from all major UAEM sites. New videos will be publicised via all normal routes.

In all cases, if the author allows, the videos will be publicised in wider routes, i.e. outside of UAEM, as appropriate (e.g. IFMSA). The author of course retains all rights to the material, unless we are told otherwise (e.g. creative commons).

Stein Schalkwijk
Diz Gotham

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